DIY Book Wreath

During what I call ‘the lunch hour project’ I began to assemble something not knowing what the outcome would be. To my pleasant surprise, I created this.

Here’s how I made it…

Gather your supplies:

Wicker or Foam wreath, Old book (in my case Bible), Hot glue gun, Ribbon

Step ONE:

Begin by tearing out the individual pages, and rolling your pages (making a pointy cone shape). This will take the most time, but will payoff in the long run. So go on, roll away!

Step TWO:

Take your ribbon and loop it around your wreath using a little glue to secure it in place.


This gets a little tricky. You will be first adhering the pages to what will end up being the BACK part of the wreath. So put a little dab of hot glue on bottom tip of you page roll, and press it face down on the wreath. Since this is your first row, make sure this row is the longest. As you add rows, fold the cones shorter and shorter the closer you get to the center (this will create the rounded look).

Once you have completed your first row, flip it up-side-down. Your paper will now settle in and be nice and flat, ready to hang when you’re finished.

Got a bit excited here and took a photo before I had completely finished, but you get the picture.

Now we become best friends with the glue gun! Start your second row. Fold your pointy tip up and add a little dab of hot glue to the edge, and press firmly against the wreath. Continue this step until you’ve completed our second, third, fourth, fifth..rows. When adhering another row, be sure to point the bottom tip up and glue the next row underneath the previous row, directly on the foam or wicker wreath.

Now when you’re finished yours should look similar to this:

Happy crafting!


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