Happy Thanksgiving.

All around the United States, families and friends join around the table to indulge themselves in the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Without really celebrating the holiday – many sit and watch the Macy’s parade, football, or shop for Black Friday door buster sales, talk about Christmas plans, or maybe spend their day cooking- that they’re spent by the time the meal is ready.  Perhaps you’re one who is caught in this whirlwind of the hustle and bustle of the season? It’s – almost – inevitable. Taking the time to read this post, admist the pressures of your to-do list is a sacrifice of time for some. Can I ask you to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, look around you? Everything you possess: every breath, ability, gift, possession, passion, talent and capacity to read and learn of Jesus; has been entrusted to YOU by God.  Most importantly, the loving God, has given you JESUS. Exhale for a moment and offer Him a prayer of Thanksgiving.  Think and meditate on Jesus. So whether your hosting or being hosted for this national holiday, be reminded of the grace of God that has poured His supreme agape love upon you so unconditionally. Let the sense of gratitude and thanksgiving for Jesus fill your heart, soul and mind; to calm your anxieties and fears as you battle in this whirlwind.

Thankful for Jesus and you this holiday.




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