Our ONE passion


In about 15 hours we will will celebrate and welcome the new year, 2013. A old season coming to a close and a new season to look forward to. I read this devotional this morning and as we decide what our resolutions are for the year, consider the soon return of Jesus and resolve in your heart to draw closer to Him this year. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing Christ more….nothing.

That I may know Him… Philippians 3:10

Paul had one passion and that was to know Jesus. All of his life revolved around this one objective. He didn’t want to know about Jesus, he wanted to know Him personally. He wanted Jesus to be his closest friend. One of the ways he came to know Jesus better was during his times of thorough suffering. He could have resented that Jesus allowed Him to suffer, but instead he accepted it. He accepted it because he understood God’s great love for him. He knew that if it weren’t necessary, then his loving heavenly Father just wouldn’t allow it. But since the Lord had allowed it, then it must be for a greater purpose. And it was. Not only did the suffering refine Paul’s character, but it allowed him to know His Jesus in a far deeper way.

What is your passion in life? Do you have a burning desire to know Jesus? Spend time reading God’s Word. Read until He speaks to your heart. Write down what He says in your journal so you won’t forget what He’s teaching you. Then take time to pray. Pray about what you just wrote down. Don’t forget to sit quietly and still your heart and listen for God to speak. Whatever He says to you, trust Him. He means what He says and He is able to perform all that He promises.

Devotional written by Gail Mays, from Calvary Chapel South Bay (Gardena, California)



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