I’m expecting

Baby’s Room Ready – Check
Car Seat Installed – Check
Hospital Bags packed in car – Check
Food Prepped and Frozen- Check
Arranged Doggy Care – Check
House Cleaned & Ready – Check
Bills Paid – Check
Mommy’s Pedicure – Check

Everything I can think of – literally, has been prepped and readied for the anticipation of our first daughter’s arrival. Here I am 39 weeks and 6 days, sitting at the edge of my seat praying and hoping there would be a sign signaling us that it is time. Nope, no sign…. no one knows the time of her arrival! What I do know is, this special gift has been slowly forming in me, awaiting the command of the Lord to come and finally be part of our family. We are waiting, anticipating and ready to receive her!

This got me thinking of something familiar…

Here I am – as a believer in Christ, I seek to live a life that pleases Him, serve Him with all my heart & desire to be a blessing to His heart in everything I do, say, and become. But as one who seeks to be a disciple of Christ, there is MORE motivation for me to diligently be a woman after His heart, and steadfastly seek Him daily in the Word, and fervently commune with Him through prayer… why?

Just like the unexpected arrival of our precious little Mia Grace; at the command of the Lord, my Jesus will arrive soon to receive each of us – His church, His bride – to Himself. So, with as much anticipation and preparation I’ve invested in cooking, cleaning, shopping, prepping, perfecting – my effort to be READY…. Am I READY for the coming of my Groom, my True Love, my Savior, my Jesus?

How about you? Have you made all necessary arrangements to be spiritually READY today for His soon return?

This is a day-by-day thing. There is no rushing it. Today you may be ready, but tomorrow requires us to ready ourselves again, that’s how we spiritually grow.

“Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming…therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Matthew 24: 42-44



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