She Seeks

Girl Talk: Prayer and Devotion

Devotions aka “Quiet Time” means: profound dedication or consecration. This is time used before God alone for you to speak to God and for God to speak to you. Here are some tips to help you enjoy quality quiet time.

~ Begin with choosing a book in the Bible, and not the use of devotionals. While devotionals aren’t bad, they are to only compliment God’s Word, not a substitute

~ Prepare the soil of your heart to meet with the King of all Kings, and hear what He has to say!

~ Before you begin reading the Word, spend a moment in prayer asking God to speak to you specifically through His Word.

~ Daily (at a time you’ve set aside, at a place you’ve made ready) read a portion of the scripture until something can be taken away to ‘chew’ on or God speaks to you. Read the books verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book- the whole counsel of God. Pick up right where you left off the following day, until you complete the book, then move to a different book in the Bible God leads you read.

~ Remember the purpose of devotions is to commune with God: Be in His Word and His Word be in you!

~ Meditate on what you’ve just read and what God is speaking to you.

~ God may speak to you about something you are going through, pause and hash it out before God and allow Him to center your circumstance on His place and will for your life.

~ It is important to open yourself and be honest with God when He stirs your heart. Often those moments are the sweetest and special times of fellowship with God.

~ Close your time in prayer.

~ Pray that the things you have meditated upon would be worked into your heart and life and attitude.

~ Pray that your heart is willing to trust and obey the Lord.

~ God would open your eyes and place a divine appointment for you to share what God has done in your heart and life.

Devotion Preparation Checklist:

  • Bible
  • Journal
  • Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
  • Post-its
  • Note pad (for those to do’s that always pop in your mind!)
  • Quiet place ‘tent of meeting’ (or maybe a few places)
  • Eliminate distractions (TV, computer, work, phones, …)


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