She Prays

she prays

When approaching prayer it is important to keep a few things in mind. These tips aren’t in any particular order:

  • Remember we are sinners desperate for forgiveness. Open your heart and ask God to show you where you’ve wronged or grieved His heart. Ask for His forgiveness – even the most spiritually attuned believer has sin God wants to forgive and free you from. Pray and He will lead you to His heart and see for yourself.
  • Praise, Worship & Thank Him! Make a melody in your heart to God! Why? He has paid all your debt – you are FREE because of what He has done for you!
    • May the Holy Spirit remind you of the attributes of God to praise Him.
    • Speaking the names of God and remembering His promises encourage and uplift ones spirit tremendously, even if in the darkest of trials.
  • Share from your heart what is on your mind or what is your need or desire.
    • Wait on Him to move in your prayer. As you let go, allow Him to receive full control over those things concerning you, and watch Him lift up your countenance as you begin to entrust these into His caring hands.
    • Cultivate and increase your trust in God’s purpose and plan for your life – it is far better than anything we can plan or create for ourselves.
  • Intercede for others needs or requests that you are aware of, or if God brings people to your remembrance, to pray for their needs. (God directly is speaking to you when names or people pop in your mind, what an opportunity to bless the Lord and intercede for those people!)

From Kay Smith’s Book Pleasing God (Chapter 13 ‘Praise and Fear the Lord’)

  1. Know God
  2. Magnify God
  3. Faith replaces Fear
  4. Cry out to God
  5. Taste and See
  6. Keep lips from evil
  7. Pursue Peace


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