“And David behaved wisely in all his ways, and the Lord was with him.” 1 Samuel 18:14

“Behave Micheline, there are guests coming over! “ I’d hear that all the time growing up, particularly when we were expecting guests or “spectators” of the fruit of my parent’s labor raising us. They simply wanted us to behave and obey, so my sister’s and I would – BUT only while the guests were over. When they left, it was fair game. I know parents that tell their children the same, in a hope that they would listen. Why? Because children are the reflection of their parents. I’ve heard it said, to get to know the parents, spend a couple hours with their kids!

The life and story of David is fascinating; how God would choose to use a ruddy young man to further His kingdom. Through my journey in 1 Samuel, I found myself taken back with 1 Samuel 18:14. David BEHAVED wisely– pause for a moment, then keep reading- in ALL his ways. Contrary to me, David was the REAL deal. He was genuinely well behaved, both publically and privately. That really says something about his Father. We know that wisdom comes from God, so essentially David was a God seeking and God fearing individual. He was good, but without purpose until God called Him. Though he faced one trial after another, he was consistent in this very thing: to behave wisely. Why? So they can see the reflection of His heavenly Father in and through his obedience & behavior. Well I guess it’s the same reason we expect children to listen to us when we ask them to behave! Only when he was obedient to the Lord to behave wisely, was it visible and notable that “the Lord was with him.” We also learn that even his greatest enemies feared of Him, because they knew the Lord was with him.

So for us, I pray that we each behave wisely, that we may reflect our Heavenly Father. Behave so the world will see and know that the Lord is with us. Behave, that our enemy trembles at the very sight of our Savior in us. The request is simple: Behave.



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