Fall is officially upon us. For most of us, this is the time of year we enjoy the most. Ahh waking before the hustle of life, and enjoying the crisp, cool morning with a cup of tea in hand is my personal fav. Though this is a season of change – transition from hot to cold, smoothies to hot chocolates, baseball caps to scarves – there is One that remains constant.

So I’ve been in a juggling act for the past 6 months with our tiny new addition, and to be completely honest, some days are just a- fall-on-your-face-disaster. E-v-e-r-y-d-a-y in the life of a newborn (and family) is change. If there is anything I’m learning in between the dirty diapers and dinner prep, it is that we have a Mighty God FULL of grace to be poured out upon us each and every day – amidst the change. I know change may be simple for some, but for the overwhelming majority, change is largely un-embraced. I hear you, change can be uncomfortable, difficult, or stressful for some. I wonder how the nation of Israel felt when Moses died and Joshua was to lead them into the promise land? Or when Naomi’s husband died, and then her two sons, leaving her widowed and bitter? Picture a wide-eyed emoji here. You see, changes in circumstances impact our attitude and behavior.

Sleep deprived mom’s pray for change in their babies sleep routines. Unhappy workers seek a change in career or work environment. Frustration directs people in different directions to find some sort of comfort. In each of these, let me encourage you- do not let the change in circumstance dictate YOUR outcome or attitude. 

BECAUSE we have a constant source of JOY for the grieving.

A constant source of PEACE for the waring.

A constant source of LOVE for the lonely.

A constant source of PROVISION for the needy.

A constant source of REST for the weary.

A constant source of GRACE and MERCY.

We. Have. JESUS.

So in this season of change, draw from the rivers of water that are constant and refreshing to your soul.

For I am the Lord, I do not change. Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob. – Malachi 3:6


Copy of LBS_ fall study Ruth sq-4






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