The Imperfect Man

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 11 &12

Though David was a man who sought the Lord and heard from God, we know that he is just a man. Like you and I, David was a sinner. If his life seemed perfect, here we learn how imperfect he was. One evening David rose from bed and took a walk on his eyes beheld a beautiful woman- Bathsheba, bathing. He sent some men over her house and brought her to the king, and he laid with her. She became pregnant, and now David was in a bit of trouble.

You see Uriah was Bathsheba’s husband, and he was sent to battle in the war. So David thought it best to cover up his little ‘problem’ by pulling Uriah off the battlefield, and bring him home to be with his wife. Little did David know that Uriah was a noble man, and spent the night sleeping on the doorstep of the palace. The next couple nights were the same, until David had the idea of getting Uriah drunk, however Uriah still laid at the door of the palace with the servants.

Out of ideas to cover his mess, and unwilling to come clean, David had a plan to have Uriah killed in battle. After Bathsheba finished the mourning over the loss of her husband, she was brought into the king’s house and became his wife. She bore him a son. But for the first time in the entire reign of David, we read “the thing that David had done displeased the Lord.’ 2 Samuel 2: 27

Temptation and sin are all around you. How can you live with victory over these? What can you learn from David that will encourage you to live a life of purity and holiness?

Fast & Prayer Challenge: Pray for the Lord to purify your heart, thoughts & mind. Take time to examine yourself before the Lord, be honest, and confess your sin and whole-heartedly seek repentance.

Fast from television or movies that often place mental images of worldly definitions of beauty and pleasure. Seek the Lord’s cleansing and purification for your mind and your heart.

Take Action:  If you have an addiction or need accountability, ask a sister or two who can pray with you and hold you accountable from falling into reoccurring sin.



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