The Intercessor

Read and Meditate on 1 Samuel 25: 1-44

 Another popular portion of scripture is the story of David and Abigail. Here we learn much about the quality of woman Abigail was, and the character of David. To recap, Nabal had a business of sheep shearing in Carmel, and while David’s guys were in that town, they did not allow any harm to them. When David sent some fellows to return the favor, Nabal rejected them saying “who is David, and who is the son of Jesse?” verse 10. In hearing this news, David summoned his armed men and was headed to pay back Nabal. About half way to their target, they are greeted by several servants with gifts. One after another, they offered David and his men some bread, wine, sheep, roasted grain, raisins, and fig cakes. Finally comes Abigail. As soon as she saw David, she dismounted and offered the most humble, sincere apology and wisdom to David, as she bowed before him. He received it, and spared her husband’s life.

When Abigail broke the news of what she did to Nabal, his heart became like a stone and he died 10 days later. Soon after, David proposes to Abigail and he takes her as his wife.

This beautiful story highlights the heart of grace from David, and an example of a genuine intercessor. Abigail put her very own life on the line to intercede for her husband. David and his men could have denied her requests and done some pretty horrible things to her family, but this was not the case. God honors those who intercede. Both Abigail and David exhibit a character of humility, grace, and love, and there is much to learn.

“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 

Fast & Prayer Challenge: Pray, fast, and intercede for your husbands needs.

Consider a fasting from a meal(s) or types of foods (i.e: the Daniel fast).

If you are unmarried, intercede for the man the Lord will have you marry.

If you are married, and he does not know the Lord, specifically intercede for his salvation.

If the Lord has called you to singleness, know that the scriptures are clear that the Lord is our Bridegroom. Seek Him and learn how to please His heart. 

Specifically seek the Lord on what type of character you are to possess to be the best suitable helpmate.

Take Action: Create a distraction-free prayer ‘closet’ or space where you can pray and intercede for others. Put it to use, and seek the Lord on your knees!

Do something special for your husband to show him your love. Consider starting a journal for your future husband on the things the Lord is teaching you in your walk.



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