a few months ago…

It began with a decaf coffee, my Bible and a brief moment of quiet – before my little girl arose from her slumber. A soft sip of my steamy, more creamer than coffee, beverage was just perfect to turn my hearts’ attention to the single most important thing I will ever do or be in life, a believer in Christ. In these ‘moments’ bringing my heart to the feet of Jesus, with all my worries, fears, guilt, pain, shame….led me to seek Him deeper, and dive deep into the wealth of His treasuries – filled with hope, faith, courage, healing, restoration, victory, strength….. every. single. need. satisfied.

The Lord hearing my faint mumbles of a prayer, brought comfort to my heart. So I turned my eyes to His Word, and began to study the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. Timely.

Fast forward a couple of months…. As I was praying and seeking the Lord what He would have for us women this Spring season, I was expecting Him to lead me to the perfect pre-written study that we could simply order copies and enjoy together. I was not -however – expecting Him to nudge me to write one. But, He spoke to my heart so clearly, and I knew only by His grace and leading would this be even a possibility. So here we are, kicking off with a night of worship on Tuesday, January 12, with the completed Bible study the Lord laid on my heart. It is challenging, it is encouraging, it will make you cry out to God in desperate need for His nearness in your life… because it is centered on things the Lord treasures – fasting & prayer.

Will you join me this Spring in going through this together?





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