Upcoming events and announcements

It has been a while.

As many of you have participated (thank you) and seen the recent makeover project at the church, we have a special opportunity exclusively for us women! Tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 6pm, we will be working on several craft projects for this makeover. The projects will vary in skill, and Lord willing there will be something for everybody to do. We’ll be making a large hymnal wreath, spray painting some new signs, painting scriptures in a few places, pulling/adhering canvas pictures, organizing, cleaning etc.. Feel free to join us and share your gifts with one another!

BBQ Square

ALSO, in preparation for the Annual Fall BBQ (woo hoo!), we’d like to provide the opportunity to serve in preparing the side items for the lunch! This lunch is NOT a potluck. If you are available to work in teams to prepare the side items on Saturday, August 31, please complete the form below. For example: 3 ladies get together on a Saturday afternoon and prepare all the baked potatoes, then the host will be responsible to bring the chaffing dish (full of baked potatoes) to the church Sunday morning. There are limited side items, and we’d like to have 1 team (of two or more) per side item. So if you are available and willing, please complete this form!



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