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Have you heard? We are hosting a women’s retreat on September 7 & 8 at the Woodland Lodges in Camp Kulaqua (in High Springs, FL). You may be thinking, eh this is in September why do I need to think about this now? Because it is BOOKING up!  We would love to see everyone come and be refreshed, so register online to secure your spot. Unfortunately, space is limited so please don’t wait to sign up! Click here to register online.

If you signed up, way to go! Be praying for the whole retreat – the women coming, our speaker, our worship leader (coming from California!), the planning team and all the details. May the Lord be exalted and our faith revived as we have life changing encounters with Jesus.

To register visit: www.ccgainesville.com/retreat

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My worth

You know there are more mornings than I can count where the hustle of the day begins and I get my morning shower before bed #momlife. Continue reading



Fall is officially upon us. For most of us, this is the time of year we enjoy the most. Ahh waking before the hustle of life, and enjoying the crisp, cool morning with a cup of tea in hand is my personal fav. Though this is a season of change – transition from hot to cold, smoothies to hot chocolates, baseball caps to scarves – there is One that remains constant.

So I’ve been in a juggling act for the past 6 months with our tiny new addition, and to be completely honest, Continue reading

2 Timothy Study Kickoff Tomorrow!


So we’ve been really excited for this Fall. The BBQ was the perfect kick off for this season, and now we look forward to our Bible study gatherings and upcoming Women’s Retreat in November! In case you haven’t signed up, be sure to come out tomorrow night at 7pm for a Taco Bar pot bless and introduction to our Joyful Life Bible Study through the book of 2 Timothy. We’ll have extra copies of the Bible Studies, so come on out and join us for our 5-lesson study through 2 Timothy!

Meditation, what does the Bible say about it?

In our discussions the word “meditate” has been brought up during our women’s gathering on the book ‘Discipline’ by Elizabeth Eliott. In praying, I hope to shed some light on the biblical meaning of ‘meditation’ and equip you with scriptural understanding.

The world has taken the use of the word ‘meditation’ and it carries a completely different meaning. The secular use of the word ‘meditation’ and other religious practices of ‘mediation’ are not the same thing as the scriptural principle of meditation.  My effort is to simply stick to scripture and truths from God’s Word. This isn’t comprehensive, just intended to encourage you in a Biblical direction.

Firstly, meditation is Biblical. It is used all over the book of Psalms beginning in Psalm 1. In Joshua 1:8, the verse prior to the popularly memorized ‘be of good courage’, says “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, Continue reading

The Imperfect Man

Read and Meditate on 2 Samuel 11 &12

Though David was a man who sought the Lord and heard from God, we know that he is just a man. Like you and I, David was a sinner. If his life seemed perfect, here we learn how imperfect he was. One evening David rose from bed and took a walk on his eyes beheld a beautiful woman- Bathsheba, bathing. He sent some men over her house and brought her to the king, and he laid with her. She became pregnant, and now David was in a bit of trouble.

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